Construct 3 Ghost Shooter

Screenshot from the game

My Game

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  • Simple Construct 3 beginners tutorial, a top down ghost shooter.
  • The Player is fighting Monsters for Survival
  • To make a working game and something that could be improved.


  • What is needed to improve the game, and what is wanted to improve the game?
  • Does it work and feel okay at it’s base form?

Peer Feedback

  • Scott:
  • Alana:
  • Kaiden:
  • Christian: Different enemy types would also be a nice, Power-ups as well to spice up gameplay addition
  • John:
  • Ethan:
  • Jacob:
  • Hunter: Overall good but controls felt a little hard to use
  • Ian:
  • Giovanni:
  • Trevor:
  • Peyton:
  • Cooper: I think that adding a game over screen where you can restart or play again would help
  • Gage: The concept of the game is very chill but it gets to be not chill in the first few seconds I think it should get gradually harder
  • Slade:
  • Neremia:

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